The Hub’s research activities are divided into platform research that focuses on fundamental science and user-led research driven by our industrial partners.

Research Aims

Our platform research aims: (1) to mitigate the harmful effects of inclusions and impurity elements through positive use of inclusions to enhance heterogeneous nucleation; and (2) to effectively control crystal structure, morphology, size and distribution of the IMCs to minimise their harmful effects on the performance of Al-alloys.

The specific objectives of the platform research are: To understand atomic ordering at the liquid/inclusion interface at temperatures above the liquidus; To understand the mechanisms of heterogeneous nucleation of both primary α-Al and IMCs; To understand adsorption at the liquid/inclusion interface and its effect on heterogeneous nucleation; To understand the competition for nucleation between different inclusions during solidification; To understand the formation dynamics of IMCs during solidification of recycled alloys; To develop practical approaches to control the chemical and physical nature of IMCs.


Research Themes

Alloy Development

Current projects in alloy development include:

Development of Mg alloys for twin roll casting

Development of high strength multicomponent Al based die casting alloys

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