The Hub’s research activities are divided into platform research that focuses on fundamental science and user-led research driven by our industrial partners.

Research Programme

The overall research programme of the Hub is illustrated below. Secondary Al containing inclusions and impurities is our starting material. Guided by thermodynamic assessment, we develop a novel multi-functional melt treatment process to deliver a refined Al melt with minimised inclusions, impurities and hydrogen content. Instead of further refining to eliminate the residual inclusions and impurity elements, our research approach is to mitigate their harmful effects on the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of recycled Al-alloys.

Our overall research programme is organised into two main research areas: platform research area and grand challenge research area (referred to as platform and grand challenge research themes in the original proposal). In our platform research area we minimise the harmful effects of inclusions and impurities through positive use of inclusions to enhance heterogeneous nucleation and through effective control of the crystal structure, morphology, size and distribution of intermetallic compounds (IMCs). In our grand challenge research area we maximise the performance of secondary Al-alloys through both process and alloy innovation. We also develop recycling-friendly Al-alloys and sustainable solidification processing technologies to facilitate closed-loop recycling.

Research Themes