AMCC Equipment

Low Pressure Die Casting

A commercial low pressure die casting machine with a 240 kN press, and a retractable 600 kg batch melting furnace. Die cooling achieved with water, compressed air, or an air/water mist.

High Pressure Die Casting

A commercial 1600 tonne clamping force, cold chamber high pressure die casting machine, including automated die spraying and robotic component extraction. Batch melting of up to 600 kg of either aluminium or magnesium alloys with conventional dosing, and vacuum assisted dosing.

Melt Conditioned – Twin Roll Casting

A twin roll casting machine with 100 mm diameter water-cooled rolls for casting magnesium alloy strip of up to 400 mm wide. The system includes a 200 kg tilt-furnace, in-line edge trimming and guillotine; and BCAST’s patented high shear melt conditioning technology.

Direct Chill Casting

A pilot-scale single strand direct chill casting table capable of casting 204 mm diameter billets up to 2.3 m in length. The system includes a heated launder and a 200 kg electric tilt furnace for melting aluminium alloys.


A 16.5 MN long-stroke direct extrusion press capable of extruding 204 mm diameter billets up to 800 mm in length. The line includes gas fired billet heating, an air/water quench, and a 14 m handling table with puller, stretcher and finishing saw.