UK Solidification Workshop 2019

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UK Solidification Workshop 2019

24-25 October 2019

BCAST, Brunel University London, Uxbridge UB8 3PH

Organised by

The EPSRC Future Liquid Metal Engineering (LiME) Hub

plays a vital role in various manufacturing processes such as casting, welding and additive manufacturing.

However, the UK solidification community has shrunk since late 1990s, posing a risk to the nation’s productivity and leadership in manufacturing with metals. This workshop aims to help reverse this trend, by facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer among solidification researchers in academia and industry. The LiME Hub will be working closely with all UK colleagues to develop effective mechanisms to rebuild the UK solidification community.


The UK Solidification Workshop 2019 aims to provide a networking platform for the UK solidification community, building on the successful 6th Decennial International Conference on Solidification Processing held in Old Windsor two years ago. The specific objectives are:

  • To bring together solidification researchers from higher education institutions, research organisations and industrial companies in the UK
  • To promote collaboration between members of the solidification community
  • To map out solidification research across the UK in terms of people, research activities and funding levels

Who should attend?

Research students, academics, engineers, product developers, process designers and R&D managers involved in any solidification-based manufacturing process, such as:

Shape casting; continuous and semi-continuous casting; directional solidification; single crystal growth; refining; fusion welding; isothermal solidification (e.g. transient-liquid-phase diffusion bonding); rapid solidification; atomisation (powder production); thermal spraying; additive manufacturing.


The workshop aims to cover a broad spectrum of topics in the field of solidification research. Examples of the topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Modelling and simulation of solidification at different length scales; alloy development and microstructural studies; process development and component innovation.

Key features

The workshop is scheduled provisionally to start at noon on the first day (24 October), end in the afternoon of the second day, and include:

  • Presentations from EPSRC and IOM3 on metallic material research in the UK
  • Introduction to the LiME Hub
  • Presentations from major UK solidification research groups to highlight their activities
  • A discussion on challenges in solidification and the role of the UK solidification community
  • Poster session to showcase specific research outcomes*
  • An ‘elevator pitch’ competition for research students*
  • Networking and workshop dinner on the evening of the first day
  • A tour of the facilities at BCAST (the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology)

*Poster Session and Elevator Pitch: We encourage all participants to present their research outcomes in the form of posters (preferably A1 Size) during a poster session at the workshop. Research students are encouraged to enter an ‘elevator pitch’ competition (details will follow).


Please see the Programme for the workshop.

About the organiser

The Future LiME Hub is a national centre in liquid metal engineering primarily funded by EPSRC and based at Brunel University London in collaboration with the Universities of Oxford, Leeds and Manchester, and Imperial College London. The Hub aims to lay down a solid foundation for full metal circulation by conducting research in physical metallurgy, solidification science and processing technology. For more information please visit

Contact and registration

For enquiries please contact Mrs Susan Job (Tel: 01895 268955, e-mail:

To register, please fill in the Registration Form UKSW2019 and email it back to

If you need us to help* with the cost of travel or accommodation, please complete the relevant section in the registration form.

*Financial Support: This is a free event (registration is required but there are no fees) sponsored by the LiME Hub, as part of its outreach activities. The LiME Hub will also provide financial support to those participants who may need help in covering their travel and accommodation costs. Applications from research students will take priority. If you would like to apply for financial help for this workshop, please fill in the attached registration form and we will do our best to support you.