Here you can find an overview of the LiME Hub’s management group and the advisory panels that we regularly consult with.

Hub Management Group

The Future LiME Hub management structure draws on the elements proven to be very effective in the previous EPSRC Centre – LiME. Within this management structure Professor Zhongyun Fan (centre left of picture) works directly with Dr Mark Jones (second right of picture) to drive forward the Future LiME Hub vision and deliver the research programme aim and objectives.

Professor Fan is also supported by the Hub Administrator and the Hub Management Group (team shown above), and is advised by an International Advisory Board (IAB) and an Industrial Steering Panel (ISP), each detailed below.

HMG Members

Professor Zhongyun Fan, Director/Principal Investigator, Chairman

Professor Geoff Scamans, Deputy Director/Co-Investigator

Professor Patrick Grant, Co-Investigator

Professor Andrew Mullis, Co-Investigator

Professor Xiaorong Zhou, Co-Investigator

Dr Christopher Gourlay, Co-Investigator

Dr Mark Jones, LiME Manager

International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) stand as experts in the areas of the Future LiME Hub’s research. They advise the LiME Hub Management Group on strategic research directions and opportunities in solidification and casting research, benchmark the quality and progress of our research against the international stage and participate in the Hub’s international activities. The members come from a number of renowned institutions from across the globe and have many years of experience within the field.

The IAB meets with the LiME Hub Management Group and researchers annually to receive and review updates on LiME’s research and operational progress. The board have the opportunity to discuss developments and make suggestions for the future direction of research and industrial related engagement.

IAB Members

Professor Lorenz Ratke, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany – Chairman

Professor Lars Arnberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway

Professor Lindsay Greer, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Karl Kainer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany

Professor Wilfried Kurz, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Professor John Perepezko, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Professor David StJohn, University of Queensland, Australia

Industrial Steering Panel

The Industrial Steering Panel (ISP) represents the key strategic interests of the current and potential end-users of the research carried out within the Future LiME Hub. The members of the panel represent a wide array of contributors from casting and metallic processing industries to the manufacturers and users of the end products. They advise on the potential future opportunities for LiME’s research to be applied to industrial and manufacturing needs and help to ensure the industrial relevance of our applied research.

The main objective of the ISP is to provide independent advice from an industrial perspective on the progress of the LiME projects and the overall strategic direction and relevance of the Hub’s research. ISP membership is reviewed by the Hub Management Group annually to reflect the dynamic nature of the research programme.

ISP Members

Mr Martin Jarrett, Constellium, Chairman

Mr Henry Dickinson, Norton Aluminium

Mr Anthony Evan, Sarginsons

Professor Graham Machin, National Physical Laboratory

Dr Pam Murrell, Cast Metals Federation

Mr Emmanuel Beslin, Constellium

Mr Marcus Henry, JLR

Mr Carl Schubeler, Nissan

Mr Jack Strong, Grainger & Worrall

Mr Keith Denholm, Grainger & Worrall

Mr Bill Stott, Aeromet

Mr John Townsend, Stone Foundries

Dr Doug Watson, Weir Group

Mr Paul Blake, JLR

Dr James Smith, JLR

Mr Mike Bond, Aeromet

Mr Andy Smith, Gordon Murray Design