Management and Governance

The Hub Management structure: Professor Fan, as Director and PI of the Hub, takes the overall responsibility for driving the Hub vision and delivering the aims and objectives of the Hub programme, supported by a newly appointed Deputy Director (Professor Geoff Scamans) and a Hub Management Group (HMG), and advised by a refreshed International Advisory Board (IAB) and a new Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP). Professor Fan is assisted by a Hub Manager and a Hub Administrator.

The Hub Management Group (HMG), chaired by Professor Fan (Director), includes Professors Scamans (Deputy Director), Grant (Oxford Spoke – policy lead) and Mullis (Leeds Spoke – research integrity lead), and Drs Stone (researcher development lead), Mendis (ED&I lead) and Jones (Hub Manager). The HMG is designed to support the Director to deliver the aims and objectives of the Hub. The purpose of the HMG is to ensure the successful execution of the Hub’s research and outreach programmes through effective coordination of the Hub and its Spokes.

Members of the Hub Management Group (HMG)

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is an advisory body set by the HMG, which advises the Hub on its scientific research direction and technical approaches and benchmarks the Hub’s scientific research quality from an international perspective.

To reflect the dynamic nature of the Hub, IAB membership has been refreshed for 2019, with new members selected from leading international authorities in solidification research. The refreshed IAB consists of seven members, of which one is female and six are male. As part of the new membership arrangements, at least one new or replacement member is added to the IAB each year, and one or two additional people may be invited to attend specific meetings as invited IAB members.

The last IAB meeting was held on 23 July 2018 at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, UK, prior to the 11th International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and Their Applications (Mg2018), hosted by the LiME Hub and BCAST. The next IAB meeting will be held at the same venue in October 2019.

2018 IAB members at the last IAB meeting held in July 2018.

Prior to April 2019, the Future LiME Hub was advised by an Industrial Steering Panel (ISP), with the last ISP meeting held at Brunel University London on 16 January 2019, which advised the Hub on the industrial relevance of its research activities.

Hub and ISP members at the last ISP meeting held in January 2019.

Although its membership has been dynamic, and has served the purpose of supporting the development of industrial research and its impact well, the ISP had gradually become somewhat inward looking. To ensure the widest industrial impact of the Hub, the HMG has reshaped and re-purposed the ISP, and now includes members from the aerospace sector and the broader UK high value manufacturing and materials research landscape. The new body has been renamed the Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP). The purpose of the new IAP is to advise the Hub on the wider industrial relevance of the LiME Hub research activities and provide effective mechanisms to deliver industrial impact of the Hub’s research in a broader range of sectors. The next IAP meeting will be held in October 2019 at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, UK.

The reshaped IAP has the following members:

Dr Mark White, Former Chief Technologist at JLR (Chair, Independent member)

Dr Bernie Rickinson, Former CEO, IOM3 (Independent member)

Ms Philippa Oldham, Head of National Network Programmes, Advanced Propulsion Centre (Independent member)

Professor Sam Turner, CTO, Catapult Centres (Independent member)

Dr Pam Murrell, CEO, CMF (Independent member)

Mr Alex Hickson, Head of Technology, Aerospace Technology Institute (Independent member)

Mr Henry Dickinson, MD, Norton Aluminium (Independent member)

Dr Mike Clinch, CTO, Innoval Technology (Independent member)

Professor Martin Jarrett, Technology VP Constellium (Industrial collaborator)

Dr Paul Blake, Research Engineer, JLR (Industrial collaborator)

Mr Keith Denholm, Engineering and Technology Director, Grainger & Worrall (Industrial collaborator)

Mr Mike Bond, Director of Advanced Materials Technology, Aeromet (Industrial collaborator)

Mr Anthony Evans, MD, Sarginsons (Industrial collaborator)

Mr Andy Smith, Chief Engineer, Gordon Murray Design (Industrial collaborator)