Feasibility Study Announcement

Congratulations to the 6 proposals which have been funded by the LiME Hub in 2020:

Dr Carl Slater at Warwick University: Feasibility for the direct in-situ observation of solidification at the meso-scale and the study of nucleation and grain growth competition.

Dr Dr W. D. Griffiths at University of Birmingham: Grain refinement of Pure Cu using a Novel Contactless Ultrasound Technique.

Dr Simon Hogg at Loughborough University: Heterogeneous nucleation and grain refinement in an Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloy by controlled laser and electron beam remelting.

Dr Olaf Marxen at University of Surrey: Characterizing Gallium-Based Metal Flow With Surface Oxidization.

Dr Amit Das at Swansea University: ultraSonication for Tailoring Recycled Alloy Microstructures – STReAM.

Dr Shaun McFadden at Ulster University: NUPRO Project.